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Your Health

Your Health

Water contamination can have a negative impact on your health. From an upset stomach, neurological problems, and possibly even cancer. Impurities in your water could produce acute and chronic illnesses.

If you have a private well, the Illinois EPA and Illinois Department of Public Health recommend that you test your well for VOCs if you live in an urban or suburban area with business, industry or gas stations nearby. Wells in rural areas that may be affected by leaking fuel tanks should also test for VOCs.

The only way to know whether your well water is safe to drink is by testing it. Most contamination cannot be detected by odor, taste, or visual appearance. Well testing is done through a county health department typically deals only with bacteria and nitrates.

What types of health effects are associated with these chemicals?

It depends on the toxicity of a chemical, its concentration, and the duration of exposure. Exposure to low levels of certain contaminants over long periods may lead to impaired immune system function, may damage the liver or increase the risk of cancer.

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